We build our products to represent our values

Escribano, possesses the most advanced technologies, innovative equipment and the newest available production processes for components manufacturing in Aeronautical, Aerospace and Defense sectors. Our main activity is the manufacturing of high precision mechanical components and small assemblies. We offer a vast experience in manufacturing, production processes, small assemblies and CNC programming with CAD/CAM systems.

Our facilities contain the most innovative equipment such as Machining Centers of 5, 4 and 3 axis, Erosion Machines, Lathes, Grinding, Honing, 3D Measuring Equipment. Escribano, is characterized by the high degree of specialization in the products we manufacture and a continuous policy for acquisition of modern and innovative equipment with the latest technologies.

The company has invested over its evolution by computerization and automation have always believed that without a fully automated process the Spanish and European industry has no future; this bet materialized since the beginning of an intense research activity leading to its own R + D + i.

Our company values


With more than 15 Years of experience we are one of the leading companies in this sector.



Our unique production and control machinery together with the experience we have acquired, create high end lenses that will be used in our own systems.

Quality Assurance

The latest technology and continuous training, make our quality department a testing Metrology center for leading companies in this sector.

Surface Treatment

Recent investment made to include various treatments in Escribano, meeting with the clients requirements.


Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing

Accredited by NADCAP in Non-Destructive testing and recent certification, make our product certified for the Aerospace sector.



Escribano has included to its capacities a group of excellent engineers to support the client’s demands on the Mechanical sector as well as developing its own Vision Systems.

Our core activity is the manufacturing of high precision parts and small assemblies. We offer Engineering services on Mechanics, Optronics, Software and Electronics which together with our production department make Escribano a leading company in today´s market.