ESCRIBANO’s ASTB is a solely electric test bench developed for quasi-static verification, strength assessment and occupant protection of seat framework and head restraints according to automotive testing protocols.


The system may include up to 3 independent loads and positioning stations, each of them is designed to apply static or dynamic back/head forms, loads and moments by means of precise servo-electric actuators. An advanced control system commands the actuators and acquires signals from load cells, positioning transducers and inclinometers. Thus the dedicated software running on control PC saves, stores and reads individual load profiles, provides real time graphic information during test execution and performs post-processing options and custom report automatic generation.


As a unique feature, the ASTB system may be optionally equipped with an electric linear impactor for expanding testing capabilities and allowing the user to perform dynamic and quasi-static tests with one test bench.


  • 1, 2 or 3 seating configurations (up to 3 simultaneously)
  • Electrical actuators for quasi-static load appliance
  • Special electric impactor for dynamic and static testing 2-in-1 (optional)
  • Capable of head retention and backset tests as per FMVSS202A
  • H-point assisted regulation
  • Servomotors for accurate and fast positioning set up
  • RT Controller with programmable load profiles and memory function


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