ESCRIBANO’s best known range of products include: thermal “stand alone” cameras, optics, image processing, stabilization and tracking as well as mechanics, electronics for control system and all SW applications.


Our unique production and control machinery, together with a large experience, allow ESCRIBANO to produce high end lenses that are incorporated as part of different cameras designed .




Advanced last generation thermal cameras designed for different applications and adverse conditions.

These electro-optical systems can be used as “stand alone” cameras or integrated in different platforms for intelligence/data collection, recognition, surveillance and long-distance control systems applications.

Sparrow family has different configurations and designs, depending on customers’ demands: different spectral bands (3-5um or 8-12 um cooled and uncooled), different detectors, different lenses, auto focus or manual focus.



Escribano Electro Optical System - DEYE

DEYE is a long-range surveillance day camera designed to recognize threats further than 16 Km, ready to operate 24/7.

DEYE has optics up to 140x and allows the capture of images in high definition (HD).

DEYE has its own image processing algorithms to obtain an optimum visualization even in adverse weather conditions.



Escribano Electro Optical Systems - CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS - OTEOS-N

Observation and Tracking Electro-Optical System specially designed for continuous surveillance of areas or regions of interest, mainly for maritime environments, such as harbours, vessels, patrols or frigates and oil platforms.
It has the capability to communicate with external systems, such as radars or combat control centres. It also allows integration with an external fire control system.

OTEOS-N is a modular and a 2-axis gyro-stabilized platform with a wide field of view of 360º azimuth and ±60º elevation. It also has an infra-red camera (IR) that operates in mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR), a daylight camera, and a Laser Range Finder (LRF).


Escribano Electro Optical Systems - CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS - AOMRS

Ruggedized 2 axes gyro-stabilized platform designed to be integrated in different applications, both during day and night, even in adverse weather conditions.
AOMRS system can be easily installed in different types of vehicles and platforms either ground, airborne or maritime applications.

This Electro-Optical block of sensor allows the user to obtain images in middle infrared bands (MWIR), near IR band (NIR) and visible band with a target recognition beyond 6 Km.


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ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering offers complete solutions, from engineering, high precision machining and the manufacture of complex systems to integration of optics, electronics, stabilization and control systems.