ESCRIBANO’s Workshops are equipped with the most innovative equipment such as Machining Centers of 5, 4 and 3 axis, Erosion Machines, Lathes, Grinding, Honing and 3D Measuring Equipment.


The Technical Office comprises: Fully standarized resources: tooling, jigs, software; Programing by CAM Virtual GIBBS; Diferent kind of resources and work teams with CAD-CAM tolos; A team of CNC senior technicians; Industrialization consulting service.


  • Ultra-precision machining: Horizontal grinding. Cilindrical grinding. Honning.
  • Non-Conventional machining: Spark Erosion. Penetration erosion.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Spark Erosion. Penetration erosion.
  • RENISHAW AM250 Laser Melting Machine (200 watts power).
    • Usefull capacity 245x245x285mm. Software: Magics.
    • Materials: Aluminium, Titanium, INCO625, INCO718, AISI316L and 17-4PH. Use of argon to avoid oxidation along melting.
    • Start point from customer: STL file.
  • First prototypes, conceptual designs or complex geometries production


Av. Punto Es, 10, 28805 – Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Phone:  +34 911 89 82 93

Email:  info@mecaes.es

ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering offers complete solutions, from engineering, high precision machining and the manufacture of complex systems to integration of optics, electronics, stabilization and control systems.