ESCRIBANO designs and supplies ultimate crash facilities for testing real size vehicles in order to asset passive safety levels and crashworthiness according to the latest legal regulations, safety standards and consumer organizations.


Escribano crash test systems are capable of reproducing different impact scenarios such as Frontal, Rear, Side, Angular Car-to-Car, Impact barriers, Bumpers, Sleds or Rollover, as per the latest requirements demanded by international safety standards and organizations like UN ECE, FMVSS, GB, AIS, NCAP, IIHS, and RCAR.


Actually, ESCRIBANO supplies turnkey crash laboratories offering custom design and integration for all the components including propulsion and guidance systems, control and software, barrier attachments, mobile crash carts, photo pits, lighting systems, and other auxiliary equipment.


  • Custom layout design and impact areas
  • New MECATROLLEY for vehicle guidance and release
  • Maximum accuracy (better than 5 mm)
  • Active dynamic tensioning system
  • Pits free of rails and null filming occultation
  • RT Close-loop control in speed and position
  • MECACRASH SW for facility control and auxiliaries management


Av. Punto Es, 10, 28805 – Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Phone:  +34 911 89 82 93

Email:  info@mecaes.es

ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering offers complete solutions, from engineering, high precision machining and the manufacture of complex systems to integration of optics, electronics, stabilization and control systems.