ESCRIBANO designs acceleration and deceleration crash simulation systems for dynamic testing. Our crash simulation sleds have been proved to provide a cost effective solution for reproducing real crashes or compulsory pulses to safety component testing like seats, seatbelt, restraints, anchorages, or ISOFIX devices in order to match different testing purposes as conformity of production, end of line inspection, legal requirements, safety standards or research and development.

Regardless of BIW or separate automobile components testing, different technologies may be offered to clients according to real testing requirements. Polyurethane tubes technology offers an outstanding repeatability for testing according safety regulations. Bending bar technology features an extreme versatility when non-standard pulses are reproduced. ServoCrash barrier is a closed loop controlled brake that performs the maximum flexibility and unique pulse tuning.

Additionally ESCRIBANO’s Sleds can be integrated into existing full vehicle crash test facilities and Pre-Impact braking may be simulated for expanded testing needs.


  • Different solutions to satisfy clients needs
  • High predictability and repeatability
  • Smooth and controlled acceleration
  • Precise pulse tuning for performing custom tests
  • Pre-impact braking feature
  • Robust optimized design
  • Ease to operate and quick setup for maximum productivity
  • Really low operation and maintenance costs



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ESCRIBANO Industrial Division supplies complete turnkey solutions including the design, development, manufacturing, installation and support of advanced test systems and facilities for most demanding applications in Automotive, Structural, Aerospace and Defense.