ESCRIBAO’s LST3 is a high precision speed measurement device specially designed for obtaining the most demanding requirements applied to both full size crash testing and crash simulation testing, but also customizable for occupants and pedestrians protection evaluation, pendulum for bumper testing and other testing applications.


Outstanding accuracy and redundancy is guaranteed by using 3 laser beams (class II) optoelectronic units. Emitter and receiver units are set opposite to each other and the system automatically calculates the crossing speed of specimen through laser beams.


Two different configurations, LST3-H and LST3-V, are offered depending on the system setup, mounted on 1 or 2 supports stands, allowing quick positioning regulations. The optic units can also be installed on special tripods so the system can be adapted to fit in every user’s application.


The system can be controlled, not only on stand-alone mode using the touch screen interface at the test field, but also by means of an external PC remotely connected with the system through Ethernet or Wifi protocols (e.g. from control room). All events are automatically acquired and stored into a security non-volatile internal memory. Furthermore, the system manages triggering signals for auxiliary devices and provides the control room information about the actual status avoiding test execution if systems are not armed. Definitely, with the LST3 you will never fail a test nor lose a data acquisition.


The powerful control software MECASPEED running on embedded controller controls and operates the LST3 device, including the following capabilities:

  • Arming the system
  • Read output for individual measurements and average
  • Measurement Units selection
  • Access to data and history log

LST3 System can be supplied by official calibration certificated issued by.


  • Three laser beams (class II) for indoor and outdoor
  • Best in class accuracy and repeatability 0.1% RD
  • Operated by HMI touch screen or external PC
  • MECASPEED SW for system control and acquisition
  • Redundancy and safety features
  • Ready signal and trigger outputs
  • Rigid and light weight support stands for best transportability
  • Integration with laboratory control system capability
  • Official calibration by National Accreditation body
  • Ethernet protocol. WIFI on request


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