The range of products offer by ESCRIBANO includes complete systems, optical and electronic equipments and passive safety test systems.


The engineering capacity allows to afford any project at any stage with tailor-made solutions, according to client or market demand.


A reliable project management together with high quality certifications and delivery compromise makes ESCRIBANO the right choice.

As of today Defense is ESCRIBANO´s

core business. From design to

production, ESCRIBANO provides

cost-efective solutions  [ + ]

Security is a key market for ESCRIBANO.

The range of products are based on our

well-known optical systems, cameras

and sensors  [ + ]

ESCRIBANO develops unique testing

solutions in passive safety to support

automotive market  [ + ]


Av. Punto Es, 10, 28805 – Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Phone:  +34 911 89 82 93


ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering offers complete solutions, from engineering, high precision machining and the manufacture of complex systems to integration of optics, electronics, stabilization and control systems.