Our main activity is the manufacturing of precision mechanical components and small assemblies. We offer a wide experience in manufacturing, production processes, small assemblies and CNC programming with CAD/CAM systems.

In our facilities we have the most innovative equipment such as Machining Centers of 5, 4 and 3 axis, Erosion Machines, Lathes, Grinding, Honing and 3D Measuring Equipment.



ESCRIBANO has recently acquired a new generation additive 3d AM 250 Renishaw © Machine. This technology is able to produce complex shapes. Additive manufacturing introduces new design possibilities, combines multiple components in production, minimizing material used and reducing tooling costs.

Material used:

  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Aluminium


ESCRIBANO works with leading companies in Spain and abroad, producing and delivering machined parts in different materials like aluminum and other special alloys. ESCRIBANO delivers the parts meeting all clients’ requirements, specifications and certifications. We hold the certifications needed to produce in this sector and yearly ESCRIBANO renews the audits to stay up to the standards.


ESCRIBANO produces for the automotive sector, which requires unmanned automation, producing high number of parts in a short period of time. The automated line that we currently have was developed and produced by ESCRIBANO, this being one of the advantages of this line, controlling all the process until its final delivery to the client.


As well as in Aerospace, ESCRIBANO is a renowned company throughout the Defense sectors not only for the quality of the work which is performed, but also for the capacity of production and support capabilities for the clients.