Following our philosophy of innovation and our commitment to new technologies, ESCRIBANO has started a line of Precision Optics Manufacturing. With this new line we increase our service capabilities for our clients.

Our unique production and control machinery, together with the experience we have acquired, create high end lenses that will be used in our own systems.

Custom Design

ESCRIBANO has one of the most prepared teams of engineers in this field. With more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of cameras and Surveillance Systems.


The manufacturing capabilities we have include nano-turning equipment with diamond tools. These techniques allow the carving of spherical and aspheric surfaces.

Although manufacturing limits vary from one configuration to another, we can obtain precision specifications in shape of 1/20 λ per centimeter. The typical roughness range is 40-120 angstrom of RMS, depending both on the material and the configuration.

Quality Assurance

As in every high precision manufacturing, a very strict quality control is necessary. For this purpose, at ESCRIBANO we have increased our metrological capabilities with the acquisition of interferometric equipment. We have a white light interferometer microscope for measuring roughness with a vertical resolution accuracy smaller than 0.1 nm and an interferometer system with a Fizeau configuration for measuring shape errors with a resolution of λ/8000. We also have a contact profile meter with an accuracy of 0.8 nm assessing on one single measurement the size and texture of the Surface.