ESCRIBANO continues its policy of commitment towards their clients, offering a high added value service and allowing them to achieve excellence in their products. Increasing the rate of product delivery, ESCRIBANO helps clients to save time and resources, supplying components meeting their requirements. Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing – For non-destructive testing we use the methods of Ultrasound, Xray, Induced Current, Penetrant liquids and Magnetic Particles. For each method and each level the minimum requirements of NDT personnel qualifications are applied.

Feedthrough Soldering
ESCRIBANO has invested in a vacuum oven and spectrometers in order to make soldering of feed-throughs and connectors over aluminum nickel and gold plated boxes with precise requirements. The equipment available to carry out this process is:

  • CENTROTHERM VLO 20 vacuum oven (environmentally controlled to prevent oxidation along with the soldering process with N2 and HCOOH).
  • Helium spectrometer to test possible pores is the soldering process.


ESCRIBANO gives to its clients a highly reliable product that fulfils their requirements; this kind of initiatives of special applications for specific requirements are our daily basis. ESCRIBANO is keen to develop innovative solutions if a client has got a need that requires it.

Some of our capabilities are also: small assemblies, preassure test, leak test and clean and thermal chambers.