ESCRIBANO’s SBA Test Bench is a close-loop controlled system that simulates the loads of a real crash to restraint anchorages for strength analysis and safety evaluation according to UN ECE R14, GB 14167, FMVSS 210, or IS15139 test procedures. The system of application of certain pulling forces to seatbelts allows to verify the structural behavior of anchorages and seat components and validate automotive seat designs.

Different motion technologies, electric or hydraulic can be applied to comply with standards or specific testing requirements. Regardless of the type of actuators used, the test bench is driven by a SERVOMECTM Controller.


This high performance servo controller acquires signals from load cells, compares with reference consignee and commands either servo electric or servo hydraulic actuators in a real time to assure fidelity with programmed test profiles. Test setup, schedule and execution are managed by a dedicated user interface software fully developed under NI LabVIEW architecture.


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