ESCRIBANO develops unique testing solutions in passive safety to support automotive market. Either for international regulation compliance, conformity of production, research or development purposes, our passive safety test systems exhibit an outstanding performance in terms of accuracy, repeatability, productivity, flexibility, ease-of-use and efficiency.


Our offer engages the complete execution of turnkey projects that comprises the engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and support of a wide range of advanced test systems. Actually, ESCRIBANO’s Industrial Division is led by qualified engineers that accumulates more than 15 years in the field of automotive testing, having successfully supplied worldwide projects to renowned automotive OEM, tier1, testing centers and research institutes.


Regardless of the specific testing requirements of clients, our large background in engineering fields like Electro-mechanics and structural design, Drive automation, Servo-Control, Instrumentation, Simulation and Software powers ESCRIBANO to design customized systems for matching particular client’s needs. In addition, we offer upgrade and retrofit services for any existing test bench or facility in order to enhance current performances or just to expand testing capabilities to fulfil with latest standards.


Definitely, ESCRIBANO’s gathers the know-how, engineering resources and high precision manufacturing capabilities to become your benchmark partner for your next testing challenge.

Frontal, side, rear, angular car-to car, rollover testing

scenarios  [ + ]

Pedestrian and occupant protection electric controlled propulsion technology  [ + ]

Deceleration and acceleration impact simulation  [ + ]

Static and dynamic testing solution  [ + ]

Precise and reliable optoelectronic system  [ + ]

Pendulums and gravity impactors for low speed crashworthiness  [ + ]

Electric and Hydraulic technologies  [ + ]

ESCRIBANO fully designs in house testing solutions for the Structural and Civil Engineering fields  [ + ]


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ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering offers complete solutions, from engineering, high precision machining and the manufacture of complex systems to integration of optics, electronics, stabilization and control systems.